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Polished concrete floors have become undoubtedly the most popular and widely spread flooring option used for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. The growing popularity of polished concrete floors is mainly attributed to the lots of benefits polished concrete floors offer.

Very Versatile

Durable & Sustainable

Low Maintenance

When you think of polished concrete, you’re likely thinking of mechanically polished concrete. It’s true polished concrete. This is what we provide in Melbourne, Geelong and as a Victoria wide service. The surface is ground with progressively finer resin-bonded diamond plates until we achieve a natural, long-lasting gloss. There are no secondary finishes on top, rather a smooth and durable surface with little to no texture that looks fantastic. Polished concrete can be modified to achieve any level of sheen you desire up to a high-gloss finish which is much easier to clean and maintain than epoxy flooring or grind and seal, usually just requiring water. In turn this will then last for years before requiring any refurbishment, depending on traffic and use. Be sure to Contact CK Polished Concrete Floors for a quote on your next project in Victoria.

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